How to get Sturm, Exotic Hand Cannon - Destiny 2

Unlock the Sturm Exotic Hand Cannon in Destiny 2 and enjoy a Hand Cannon that synergizes exceedingly well with Sidearms.


Unlocking the Sturm Exotic Hand Cannon in Destiny 2 is going to take a bit of work on the player's behalf. There is the main campaign to finish, questlines to follow, and even Exotic engrams to find. But completing all these steps will net players one of the most underrated Hand Cannons on the market.

Sturm Exotic Hand Cannon

The Sturm Exotic Hand Cannon quest is accessed by completing the world quest, My Captain, on Nessus. This quest is unlocked by completing the Red Legion campaign. Players can find this quest on the Nessus map by looking for the blue banner with the white crown in the middle. Completing the quest rewards Drang, a Legendary Sidearm that pairs with Sturm.

destiny 2 My Captain

After acquiring Drang, you will receive a quest called Relics of the Golden Age, which will point you to Master Rahool in the Tower. Go and speak with Master Rahool to progress to actually unlocking Sturm.

Relics of the Golden Age

Speaking to Master Rahool will start you on the Relics of the Golden Age quest. The first step is to decrypt five Legendary Engrams and one Exotic Engram. At this point in the game, Legendary Engrams are easy to come by. You can grind Strikes, level up vendors, take part in Public Events, and much more.

exotic engram for sturm destiny 2

It’s the Exotic Engram that is going to be more difficult. There aren’t a lot of activities that give you a good chance of getting one. More often than not, you will simply have to wait until you get lucky and an enemy drops one. However, for those that have access to Shadowkeep, the quest line for unlocking Divinity is guaranteed to drop one. The quest line is called Divine Fragmentation and it can be collected from the Moon in the same location where the Garden of Salvation raid is started. 

Start at the Sorrow's Harbor fast travel point and go to the Lunar Battlefield. As you enter the area, turn left and go inside the cave system. When you reach the Vex gate, kill enemies until a massive Vex appears. Killing this Vex unit is guaranteed to drop an Exotic engram, which is the Divine Fragmentation quest line.

Anyone who doesn't have access to Shadowkeep will just need to wait until an enemy drops one. Sometimes a lowly Dreg will drop one, but it could be wise to play Nightfalls and farm the bosses there.

Powerful Fallen and Multi-kills

kill powerful fallen sturm destiny 2

The next order of business is speaking with Tyra Karn at the Farm. She’s going to get you to complete some silly tasks to get your gun. Neither of them are difficult, although one of them can be time consuming if you don’t know where to look.

  • Defeat Multiple Fallen with Drang Without Reloading x 10
  • Defeat Powerful (Yellow Bar) Fallen with Drang x 10

Killing multiple Fallen without reloading is easy. Head to Nessus and spawn in at the Exodus Black landing zone. There will be low level Fallen there. Kill at least two without reloading and you’ve got one of the 10 you need. Keep grinding.

The Powerful Fallen is more difficult. There are two kinds of yellow bar enemies. The bright bars that count, and then slightly darker yellow bars that don’t. For example, the big Servitor from the Ether Resupply Public Event counts, while the smaller Transport Servitors do not.

A good spot to get Powerful Fallen kills is in the Nessus Lost Sector called the Rift. This is right near the Exodus Black. Run through the Lost Sector, kill the yellow health-bar enemies, run back out, and the turn around and do it again. This can be done 10 times if you don't want to spend time searching.

Where to find Kendriks-7

Head back to Tyra Karn at the Farm and speak with her again. She’s sending you back to Exodus Black on Nessus. This time you’ll be seeking out Kendriks-7, a Servitor that appears in a special version of the Exodus Crash Strike. The quest should be marked on your map.

Kendriks-7, the Fallen Servitor you're hunting, is found in the dark room right at the end of the Exodus Crash strike. Progress through the strike to where you kill the Fallen Walker. Go inside the ship and search the dark room for the Servitor. You should hopefully have little trouble defeating Kendriks-7. Once this step is finished, visit Tyra Karn on the Farm to unlock Sturm.

Sturm perks

sturm perks destiny 2

The Sturm Exotic Hand Cannon feature a few different perks, but the main appeal are the traits:

  • Storm and Stress: Kills with Drang reload this weapon and overflow a bonus damage round into the magazine.
  • Accomplice: Kills with this weapon fill the magazine of equipped Energy weapon from reserves. 

Sturm lore

sturm lore destiny 2

These ancient ceremonial pistols can be dated back to the early Golden Age. A faded inscription reads "To Sigrun, from Victor."

"Please! You don't understand. I'm supposed to be on that ship."

The guard smiled at Sigrun with gentle condescension. "That's not possible, ma'am."

She understood why he would believe that; all of the colonists had entered cryo two weeks ago, but she could see the crew waving for pictures. They were awake! She could be awake, too. "I'm supposed to be on that ship," she insisted, leaning around the guard. There was still time. She could find whatever horrible cryo-coffin they'd loaded Victor into; she could kneel before it and beg him to forgive her. He wouldn't hear her but he wasn't gone yet—

"I need you to take a step back, ma'am."

"Captain Jacobson!" Sigrun darted past the guard. "I'm a colonist! You can't leave without me!"

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