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Shack's Arcade Corner: Commando

Run and gun like a boss (or a commando) in this episode of Shacknews' quarter-munching, coin-op series.

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Resident Evil 7 Review: Welcome Home

The Baker family invited us into their home with open arms. How was our stay? Our review. 

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What Resident Evil Could Have Been

We take a look at the conceptual phase of the original Resident Evil, and some of the changes made through its development.

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Top 10 Survival Horror Games

Boo! It's not a ghost, just Greg Burke here to count down his Top 10 Survival Horror Games.

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Resident Evil HD Impressions: A Real Biohazard

The Resident Evil remakes just keep on coming as Capcom has remade a previous remake of the classic game that kicked off survival horror, Resident Evil. And, boy, is it a stinker.

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MobyGames Classic: Resident Evil

MobyGames.com Classic returns with Resident Evil, the 1996 survival-horror game by Capcom that helped define the genre.