Shacknews welcomes Modojo.com to our family

Greetings Shackers,

It is a huge pleasure to finally announce that Gamerhub Content Networks LLC, parent company of Shacknews, has acquired Modojo.com. Modojo is a website dedicated to all things in the mobile gaming space. They have covered everything from Nintendo handhelds to iOS games for the past 11 years and has been home to some incredibly talented writers in that time. I am extremely happy to announce that one of those very talented writers, Brittany Vincent, will be heading up our efforts at Modojo as Editor-in-Chief. You have probably seen her post content on Shacknews.com over the last year, but today we are formally welcoming her to our team. She is an accomplished games journalist and has provided a huge boost to our already fantastic staff.

We are officially relaunching Modojo.com today as part of our family of websites. This rounds out our coverage universe with Shacknews focusing on console and PC gaming, Modojo focused on mobile gaming, and Gamerhub.tv covering gaming culture from a broader perspective. We look forward to the future of our new combined entity and hope you enjoy all of the great content over at Modojo.com!

Thank you,

Asif A. Khan, CEO of Shacknews

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