Battlefield 3 Premium service confirmed

Battlefield 3's "Premium" service is a real thing, EA has finally confirmed. The publisher promises additional information on June 4th, which coincides with their E3 press conference. June 4th is also the rumored release date for "Premium," which suggests the company plans on announcing and releasing the add-on at the same time.

The $50 "Premium" bundle should include access to all five expansion packs for Battlefield 3, including Back to Karkand, Close Quarters, and End Game. "Combined, the Battlefield 3 expansion packs include 20 maps, 20 new weapons, 10+ new vehicles, 4 new game modes, 30+ assignments, and 20+ dog tags," a leaked fact sheet revealed.

In addition, "Premium" users will get two weeks early access to add-on content, mirroring the release schedule of Call of Duty Elite. Additionally, "Premium" members also get "server queue priority"--a dicey proposition, given the criticisms surrounding the lack of official servers.

While many will likely balk at its price, Battlefield Premium does represent a savings over buying all the DLC separately. (Four expansion packs would cost $60, versus $50 for Premium.) Call of Duty Elite also offered similar savings, and it garnered two million paid subscribers.