Star Wars: The Old Republic gives players 25 friend invites

Electronic Arts is awfully keen for you to try Star Wars: The Old Republic. After holding several free trial weekends, BioWare's midichlorian-powered MMORPG has now doled out heaps more friend trial invites to every player, going from a limit of three to a whopping 25.

As before, the Friends Trial lets your chums play for seven days, playing through the starting worlds and trying all the classes, capped to level 15. Only now you can invite 25 people. Invites used before this do count towards that total, though.

We often see MMOs roll out these measures far later after their launches, when growth begins to slow, so this might read as a sign of weakness but is that necessarily the case? It is, after all, surely good to get players onboard early. EA stated in February, and again on March 8, that The Old Republic had 1.7 million active subscribers. It's certainly more than many MMOs have, but SWTOR is a particularly lavish production--license, voices, and all. Does EA need more? A month is a long time so soon after an MMO launch, too, as players decide whether to stick with it.

But go, frolic, explore a galaxy far, far away. If you have a pal playing, they've certainly got plenty of trial invites to share now.