Star Wars: The Old Republic hosting another free weekend

If you missed Star Wars: The Old Republic's free trial last weekend and fancy giving it a go, then good news! BioWare's boldly-going MMORPG is kicking off another extended weekend free trial tonight, but only for people who haven't played it yet.

Like the last trial, players can try every race and class, but are limited to level 15 and can only visit their starting world, capital world, fleet, PvP warzones, and their first 'Flashpoint' dungeon. There are also restrictions on chat and mail and all that jazz.

Only players who haven't played SWTOR at all before are allowed in this weekend trial, though, so no lapsed subscriptions, or people who played last weekend or used a friend trial. One imagines you could probably make a new account, though. Check out the FAQ for more information.

The Weekend Pass Free Trial begins at 10:01pm tonight, then runs until midnight on Monday, March 26. It's a big download and there's no pre-loading, so you may want to start it before heading off to beddy-byes tonight.