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Gunpoint demo samples hacking stealth-puzzler

Do you like hacking computers, sneaking around offices, and wearing high-tech trenchcoats which let you dive out of windows without smooshing into bloody pulp? "And in video games!" I add then we all fall about laughing. All that fun and more is on offer in a demo for Gunpoint, a stealth-puzzler which has you rewiring entire buildings in unexpected ways to break in and steal data.

Gunpoint packs level editor

Puzzling stealthy hack 'em up Gunpoint will have a level editor, creator Tom Francis has confirmed. It looks like a pleasingly simple click-and-drag affair with pre-built pieces, so you should be making your own facilities for your hacker to infiltrate in no time at all. Once it's released, whenever that happens.

Indie Jeff's Weekly Pick: Gunpoint

This week, I grab my fedora, trench-coat, and spy gear to tackle the IGF preview build of Gunpoint, the upcoming 2D stealth-puzzle game by Tom Francis, John Roberts, and Fabian van Dommelen.

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