Tactical Breach Wizards trades XCOM aliens for magic missiles

In this tactical turn-based strategy game, players will be utilizing fireballs in place of firearms as wizards breaching into hostile combat zones.


We do love ourselves some tactical strategy here at Shacknews, but usually this is a genre fully settled into sci-fi themes. It looks like we’re going to have quite a spin on it coming up soon with Tactical Breach Wizards. It’s a turn-based tactical game in the vein of XCOM, but instead of aliens and flying saucers, you’ll be throwing fireballs, lightning, and other spells as wizards derailing hostile situations.

Tactical Breach Wizards was shown during the PC Gaming Show 2022 on June 12, 2022. It comes from developers Suspicious Developments, who were behind the likes of Gunpoint and Heat Signature. They’re well acquainted with designing puzzles and strategic environments. However, Tactical Breach Wizards is a far more harrowing situation (despite all the magic). As wizard agents, you’ll be breaking into hideouts and taking out hostile forces that range from regular gunmen and thugs up to enemy magic users.

Tactical Breach Wizards looks quite amusing. You appear to use a lot of spells in a variety of ways to engage hostiles. A freeze spell can be used to weaken a reinforced door where a wind spell can be used to shove a hostile combatant right out of a window. Just beware. As mentioned previously, you’ll eventually also go up against enemy magic users that can throw their own spells and deadly mystic forces your way. How you utilize cover, the situation at hand, and your spells going in will determine whether your operations are a success or a resounding failure. Best bring your best spell books and scrolls.

Tactical Breach Wizards didn’t get a release window during its reveal, but you can wishlist it on Steam now. Stay tuned for more details here at Shacknews as they become available.

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