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Earth Defense Force 2025 rolls out on February 18

Stop talking. Just shut up. Give your vocal chords a rest. They'll need it, as come February 18 they'll be screeching "EDF! EDF!" when Earth Defense Force 2025 launches on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Creator Sandlot is back at the helm for this one, and we were pretty pleased with what we played of it, so 2025 may be a fine send-off for this console generation's swarming giant insects.

Earth Defense Force 2025 preview: co-op creature extermination

Oversized monsters are ready to once again destroy our feeble human cities. Earth Defense Force 2025 takes the best qualities of its predecessors, shines them up, and expands with new weapons, characters, and multiplayer dynamics--all whilst keeping its B-movie charm.

EDF 2025 trailer crawls out as invasion delayed to 2014

Bad news, troops. Earth Defense Force 2025 has been delayed from its planned 2013 launch to February 2014. But hey, D3Publisher had barely spoken about it in ages so you may had forgotten anyway, and E3 brings a new trailer for you to enjoy. With EDF creator Sandlot back at the helm, it's again looking the right sort of janky. Maybe.

Earth Defense Force 2025 gameplay trailer explodes bugs

The behemoth bug-smashing Earth Defense Force didn't fare so well under another developer in EDF Insect Armageddon, but the series is back with creator Sandlot for Earth Defense Force 2025. A few minutes of gameplay skittered under the door and went unnoticed in all the Christmas hubbub, but now we're back at work let's take a few minutes out to enjoy how squishing colossal ants, spiders and robots should look.

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