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Earth Defense Force 2025 DLC and pre-order bonus announced

D3 Publisher has announced a pre-order pack for Earth Defense Force 2025, and other DLC packs that may come to various retailers.


Earth Defense Force 2025 was delayed to February 2014, leaving one less year before its title becomes outdated a la 2001: A Space Odyssey. D3 Publisher has now detailed some downloadable content, some of which will be pre-order bonuses and the rest of which will go on sale.

The goodies were detailed on the PlayStation Blog. Pre-ordering at GameStop will net you the Air Raider Weapons Pack, which includes a Pure Decoy Launcher weapon, and a gold-coated BMO3 Vegalta model.

Other DLC packs, which will be available either for purchase or for pre-orders, will include the Fencer Weapons pack (Ifrit weapon, Blood Storm cannon), Wing Diver Weapons Pack (Reflectron Laser, Gleipnir super weapon) and Ranger Weapons Pack (Volatile Napalm, Pure Decoy Launcher). D3 didn't nail down which packs will go to which retailers or which will be available for purchase. It did note, though, that all of the DLC that appeared in Japan will make it to North America at some point, so no need to be envious of your Japanese brothers-in-arms.

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