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Co-Optimized: Magicka

Co-Optimized: Magicka

Magicka: Wizard Wars exited beta this week, so spell-slingers are free to bash, burn, and blast each other in full on combat. Given the competitive nature of Wizard Wars, it's hard to believe that the whole Magicka phenomenon began with a cooperative game where "accidentally" blowing up your friends is a big game feature. This week, we spotlight the original Magicka.

Magicka PvP due June 21 for free

Magical 'friendly fire' incidents will be formalised and made competitive on June 21 when Magicka's PvP mode launches for free. Paid DLC will arrive alongside it, including an infamous arena Star Trek fans won't want to miss.

Magicka gets $1 DLC for Japan charity

Magicka has gotten a new piece of DLC, which only costs $1. 50% of the proceeds go to Japan relief if you buy before June 5, and you'll get a new Team Fortress 2 hat to boot.

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