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Magicka welcomes voting on DLC challenge maps

Arrowhead Studios is bringing two Challenge Maps to Magicka, and letting fans vote on which of the two will be available for free. The losing map will be offered for $2.


Arrowhead Studios announced the impending addition of two new Challenge Maps for Magicka, which will allow you to take on waves of monsters. The Cavern map brings endless swarms of trolls, while Marshlands brings up hordes of zombies.

Both maps will be available on April 26, but one will be free. Which one? That's for the fans to decide. Paired with the map announcement is a Facebook poll to let you vote on which map you want delivered for gratis. Right now Caverns is far ahead with about 1,200 votes to Marshlands' 400, but the poll runs until tomorrow, so there's still time to get the vote out if you're a zombie enthusiast. The winner will be given away for free, while the loser will cost $1.99.

If you're one of those indecisive types that needs to see the respective maps before making such an agonizing life choice, check out the trailer below.

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