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Magicka free DLC pokes fun at bugs

Magicka's fine sense of humour continues by poking fun at the buggy state it launched in, with free DLC named Mea Culpa--"my mistake."


While Magicka was more than a wee bit bugged when it launched in January, developer Arrowhead has issued over ten patches since and evidently now feels confident enough in the game to poke fun at its history.

A free downloadable content pack named Mea Culpa [latin for "my mistake"] was released for Magicka today, letting wizards equip the scruffy and heavily-repaired Patched Robe, the not-so-mighty Broken Sword and the Bugged Staff, which summons a swarm of bugs. There's also a dreadful new spell to cast, 'Crash to Desktop.'

Launching in a buggy state didn't do too much harm to Magicka, though, as the $10 action-RPG sold over 200,000 copies within its first 17 days. Arrowhead has revealed plans for a number of DLC releases, both paid and free.

If you want more fun, Arrowhead has also created a new song featuring a musical conversation between a Magicka player and game character Vlad. Happy listening.

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