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StarDrive 2 blasting off in September

As recently as 2012, I could approach people in the street, look them square in the eye and ask their opinions on space, only to receive a blank-faced reply of "Never 'eard of it guv." But now, oh now everyone adores space! Riding that rocket to the stars, StarDrive creator Zero Sum Games has announced a sequel to its spaceborne 4X strategy game, logically titled StarDrive 2.

Space 4X game Horizon launching out of Early Access in February

As much as you might long to explore the galaxy, you'd be hesitant to jump in a beta build of a rocketship, wouldn't you? If you've avoided Horizon during its Steam Early Access period for similar reasons but fancy getting out amongst the stars to explore, expand, exploit, and exterminate, know that it's very nearly done, and will officially launch in "early February."

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