Endless Legend release date pegged for September 18

The long-awaited release of Endless Legend is almost here as Amplitude Studios announced it'll launch on September 18.


Amplitude Studios announced its upcoming 4X fantasy strategy game, Endless Legend, last summer and expected it to release in spring 2014. Obviously, the title didn’t quite make its deadline, but today publisher Iceberg Interactive has announced fans of the upcoming game can finally get their hands on the final version on September 18.

In addition to Endless Legend’s release, Amplitude Studios announced they’ll also release the title’s official soundtrack for free on Bandcamp starting today. A video highlighting the making of Endless Legend’s OST will also be streaming on the GameAudioFactory channel.

Endless Legend will feature a total of eight civilizations available in single- and multiplayer as players search for artifacts, recruit minor factions, research new magic and technology, and of course, fight other players. So be sure to mark your calendars for Endless Legend’s release, and here’s hoping it was well worth the wait.

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