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Shadowrun Returns 'Dragonfall' DLC revealed for February launch

Start polishing your PVC trousers and oiling your neon green quiff, as the Shadowrun Returns DLC campaign Dragonfall will be here in one month. Developer HareBrained Schemes has revealed the adventure set in Berlin through screenshots and a first trailer, announcing that it'll launch on February 28.

Shadowrun Returns now on Linux

No true decker would be caught dead using Winblow$ or Appl€ products recreationally, so it's only fitting that Shadowrun Returns is now on Linux. It arrived yesterday alongside the cyberpunk-fantasy RPG's patch 1.1, which brings changes including reworking the Physical Adepts class's Chi abilities.

Shadowrun Returns out now on iPad and Android

As a true cyberpunk, for computing on the go I carry a keyboard strapped across my back. For weekend cyberwarriors unwilling to commit to life on the edge, look, I don't know, you can now play Shadowrun Returns on those silly little tablets you're so fond of. Harebrained Schemes' retro RPG today launched on iOS and Android at $9.99. Amateurs.

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