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Slender: The Arrival pre-orders offer beta build

Don't worry! The world was almost out of jump-scare games for people to create YouTube videos of themselves playing and shrieking at, not just yet. Slender: The Arrival, Parsec and Blue Isle's official expanded remake of the most famous Slender 'em up, has now opened pre-orders with a 50% discount and instant beta access as bonuses. Godspeed, bad Let's Players everywhere.

Slender: The Arrival trailer teases slim scares

Boo! Oh goodness, whatever could that frightful creature be? It's pale and dressed in black like a dracula or a robert smith but tall like a frankenstein! Why, it must be a Slender Man, them fellas off the Internet with the supernatural power to make teenage boys squeal into their webcams. Whilst we were all rolling around drunk on brandy, a trailer for Slender: The Arrival surfaced, teasing the horrors you'll flee from.

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