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THQ Nordic Acquires Koch Media, Including Popular Publisher Deep Silver

By Charles Singletary, Feb 14, 2018 9:15am PST

Hot off one of its most significant releases of the year, Deep Silver joins THQ but keeps their entire staff intact.


"We’ve always loved Koch and we think our customers will love what Koch will bring to the table."

- bad_fish see all 9 comments

Opinion: Why THQ's canceled Avengers game could still work today

By Ozzie Mejia, Nov 30, 2015 12:00pm PST

DidYouKnowGaming? released a video over the weekend detailing a canceled Avengers from defunct publisher THQ. Upon watching the video, it's worth wondering whether such an endeavor could still work today.


"I would have liked to see a world where this game came to see the light of day. Very interesting ..."

- Rice-Rocketeer see all 2 comments

Guillermo Del Toro 'will never again get involved in video games'

By Daniel Perez, Aug 13, 2015 2:42pm PDT

Guillermo Del Toro spoke to Playboy at Comic Con a few weeks back about his future in video game development. Here's what he had to say.


"I bear a Mountains of Madness grudge too. Involving him instantly jacks up the cost of a project ..."

- Borzoi see all 21 comments

Jason Rubin finds new home at Oculus VR

By Robert Workman, Jun 17, 2014 12:40pm PDT

One of gaming's most prominent figures has a new role at Oculus VR.


"Jason Rubin is the man. His 2004 DICE talk is a must watch. ..."

- Dr Proton see all 16 comments

MX vs. ATV series returns with Supercross

By Robert Workman, Jun 17, 2014 9:00am PDT

MX vs. ATV makes its return this fall in the new Supercross.


Saints Row was originally called 'Bling Bling'

By Andrew Yoon, Mar 21, 2014 10:30am PDT

Saints Row wasn't always called that. It was originally called "Bling Bling"


WH40K: Space Marine trilogy's unfinished story told

By Ozzie Mejia, Oct 21, 2013 6:10am PDT

THQ's bankruptcy sadly spelled an end to any Space Marine sequels, but the series director did come out discuss what Captain Titus' ultimate fate would have been.


"What a load of crap. Someone needs to pick up the reins on this one, it's too good of a game ..."

- wytefang see all 8 comments

THQ files suit against EA and UFC parent company

By Steve Watts, Oct 10, 2013 8:30am PDT

THQ has filed suit against Electronic Arts and UFC parent company Zuffa, claiming that EA shared confidential financial information as it attempted to grab the UFC license for itself.


"Wow, if they could prove EA did that wonder how much of an impact (if any) it would make on them?"

- mancide see all 3 comments

Metro: Last Light coming to Mac and Linux

By Andrew Yoon, Aug 27, 2013 11:30am PDT

One of the prettier PC games this year is heading to Mac and Linux. The OS X version of Metro: Last Light will be available on September 10th and it'll be developed in-house by 4A.


"Tres Cool. One step closer to total Linux Gaming Domination!!! mwuahahaha."

- squeakychimp see all 3 comments

Sega claims THQ owes $941,000 for Company of Heroes 2 Steam pre-orders

By Steve Watts, Jul 10, 2013 7:30am PDT

Sega has filed a claim against THQ, saying that it is owed revenue to the tune of $941 thousand from the Steam pre-orders of Company of Heroes 2.


"They used the word "likely," not implying fact, so their comment stands. 30 million would ..."

- pizzaput see all 12 comments

FreeSpace IP bought by Interplay for $7,500

By Alice O'Connor, Jun 07, 2013 7:00am PDT

As companies continue to pick titbits from the carcass of THQ, walking skellington Interplay has bought the intellectual property for the zappy space'em up series FreeSpace. Oh gosh, avert your eyes my dear sweet young one, you'll cry when you read how much it went for: $7,5...


"Why wasn't Derek Smart involved?? I demand a recount!.....or something...."

- cell9song see all 22 comments

Metro: Last Light 'significantly outselling' Metro 2033

By Andrew Yoon, May 31, 2013 11:30am PDT

"Across all formats worldwide, Metro: Last Light has sold more units in its first week of sale than Metro 2033 managed in 3 months."


"One thing about Eastern European devs is that they are far less concerned with test groups, ..."

- cell9song see all 20 comments

Metro: Last Light developer 'never playing on a level field'

By Steve Watts, May 16, 2013 1:00pm PDT

Former THQ president Jason Rubin wrote a letter describing harsh working conditions for Ukraine-based studio 4A, makers of Metro: Last Light.


"Well, fuck. I'm glad I bought this day one even though I won't have time to play it for a while. ..."

- Rice-Rocketeer see all 8 comments

1666 'suspended' following Désilets termination

By Steve Watts, May 15, 2013 3:30pm PDT

Just a week after terminating 1666 director Patrice Désilets, Ubisoft has confirmed that the game has been suspended for "an undisclosed period of time."


"I was actually very interested in seeing 1666. I already know that Assassin's Creed sucks a big ..."

- pizzaput see all 6 comments

Retail forced Deep Silver to charge $5 for Metro: Last Light's ranger mode

By Andrew Yoon, May 10, 2013 1:30pm PDT

Koch Media global brand manager Huw Beynon admitted that "offering game content as a pre-order exclusive is a requirement by retail," while defending Metro's day one DLC.


"What a bunch of bull. They don't sell a box with $70 in it for $60; They sell DRM-riddled crap ..."

- Curike see all 25 comments