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Gunfire Games Debuts Darksiders 3 Gameplay

By David Craddock, May 05, 2017 3:15pm PDT

Sound and fury signifying nothing? Not Darksiders 3's Fury!


"This is early pre-alpha stuff so I'm not worried about any of that as I'm sure there's plenty of ..."

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Darksiders 3 Leaked, Starring Fury the Horsewoman (Update)

By Steve Watts, May 02, 2017 7:30am PDT

A Biblical figure with a whip and a fiery temper takes on the Seven Deadly Sins.


"Yup, I'm hoping it's more like DS1 than DS2 but either way I'm excited to see it come around again."

- one random winner see all 6 comments
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Darksiders II combat tips trailer

Learn some general combat tips as you take on the forces of the apocalypse in Darksiders II.

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