Sonic Frontiers - List of All Missing Features

Sonic Frontiers - List of All Missing Features

YEEE HAW! He goes fast, but not fast enough.


Sonic Frontiers is Sega's newest additional to the Blue Hedgehog’s franchise. However, after playing the demo at Summer Games Fest, it's clear the game is lacking and has a laundry list of features that are not in the game nor are they being advertised as selling points. The list is as follows.

- No Log Cabin Building

- No Hunting

- No "wild west" theme

- No wildlife (Deer, wolves, rabbits)

- No Stagecoache Vehicles

- No Fishing

- Lack of cowboy hats

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If Sega is prepping for a “Frontier” style game, they need to get their act together. I can even paint a wagon. I’m appalled and offended. Now if you excuse me I’m going to hop back on the greatest Soinc Game ever made. Sonic 06’. Gotta Go Fast!


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