Ikea to release

Ikea to release "Gaming" line of Swedish particle board desk & lamps for gamers!

Ikea's CEO goes in depth about the new line of "Gaming" theme build it yourself furniture.





We caught up with the CEO of Ikea Jesper Brodin to ask him about the new line of products.


“We knew there’s a market for gamers, till know we just focused on poor college students that need a desk for 22$” He goes on to say that the brand of putting together Ikea furniture isn’t just for cheap adults or poor teenagers. “We thought everyone deserves to try to put someone of ours together, to get frustrated and angry due to our “Cutting Corners” to reduced price craftsmanship, it's a great value and life experience.


Gamers, who are genially already angry at most things will now have the options to buy the new products from Ikea this winter, right in time for the holidays! The products abavible are listed below

  • -          1/3 of the right side “Gaming Desk” 17.89 USD
  • -          1/3 of the left side “Gaming Desk” 17.89 USD
  • -          Single “Gaming Desk” Leg Stand Plain 11.39 USD
  • -          Single “Gaming Desk” Leg Stand LED Version 33.89 USD
  • -          Half a LED Streaming Light Stand 7.56 USD
  • -          Headphone Ear Cups Left/Right 14.78 USD
  • -          Headphone Bar 6.89 USD
  • -          Extra Screws you won’t need 2.99 USD
  • -          Mechanical key board Base 34.99 USD
  • -          Individual Key Buttons 0.99 USD


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