Tips and tricks for getting the PS5 in your front door

Tips and tricks for getting the PS5 in your front door

This chonky console is about to launch and Shantynews has some tips and tricks for getting this massive monster console into your house.


PlayStation 5 is set to launch tomorrow, and securing your preorder delivery is really only half of the battle. The next challenge for many PS5 owners will be fitting this monstrous console in your home. Shantynews has put together some tips and tricks to get your PS5 through the front door. Please take a look.

1. Disassemble it

This seems pretty complicated, but Sony even posted a video showing their users how to dismantle the console. This is probably the easiest way to get the console to fit through your doorway, and we are pretty sure it is super easy to reassemble. What could go wrong?

2. Try tilting it like a couch

It might be wise to call up a buddy when you get your PS5 delivered. Our elite Shantynews team has found that tilting the PlayStation 5 as you go through the doorway can be a solid strategy, but it is most definitely a two person job.

3. Remove the door

If your PS5 can't fit through the door, it might be worth ripping the damn thing off of its hinges. This is going to require some tools, so be sure you have the right stuff before you go all Bob Vila on your entrance.

4. Build your house around the PS5

If you are wealthy enough to buy a PS5 at launch, you probably have enough coin to just build a new house for this gigantic console. You probably should have already started building the house by now, so let this be a lesson to procrastinators.

5. Just move your TV outside and play PS5 in your backyard

Outdoor living areas are all the rage these days. You could even mount your TV over an outdoor fireplace if you want to be extra classy. This is probably going to be how most people play their PS5s on launch week.

Those are just some of the tips and tricks we have found to be super effective for new PS5 owners getting ready for the next generation of video game consoles.

Do you have any tips that we may have missed? Please let us know in the Shacknews Chatty comments section below.

- posted by Jimbo D. Westinghouse

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