Report: GameStop, Target Cancelling Some Switch Pre-Orders

Did the retailers take more orders than they could deliver?


Nintendo Switch pre-orders did not last long after they were first announced, but reports have surfaced that retailers GameStop and Target are actually cancelling pre-orders. 

Both retailers shut down pre-orders when their allotments sold out, but GameStop reopened them when they got another allotment from Nintendo. However, that appears not to have been enough, and the company may have ended up taking more orders than they could fulfill, according to Nintendo Today. In addition, it appears Target may also be randomly cancelling pre-orders as well, as a fan of My Nintendo News has reported a similar scenario. 

The reports are unsubstantiated at this point and none of our staff have reported having their orders cancelled, but the Nintendo Switch is indeed in high demand and anything is possible. The rather pricey $299.99 cost isn't dissuading many people so far, and Nintendo has promised that the NES Classic shortages was not something it wanted to see repeated.

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