NES Mini is in short supply; Nintendo responds to angry fans

The NES Mini launched today, and it appears that demand is very high. So much so that fans have angrily been barraging Nintendo with requests for more. 

The new retro Classic console has been flying off the shelves and Nintendo is struggling to keep up with customer enthusiasm. The company doesn't often respond to commentary on Twitter, but it did so this time, acknowledging the problem: "The Nintendo Entertainment System: NES Classic Edition system is a hot item, and we are working hard to keep up with consumer demand," it said. "There will be a steady flow of additional systems through the holiday shopping season and into the new year."

It followed that with a note to contact participating retailers for availability, while reminding potential customers which retailers to nag

Many retailers have had limited quantities of the new console, and some have reported being sold out online within minutes of launch. Nintendo isn't being too clear on just what "a steady flow of additional systems" means, but you can bet that demand will continue to be high, given that the console sells for only $59.99 and comes preloaded with 30 original games.

And as with any product launch, opportunistic eBayers have the console available with an average markup of about 200%. If you are desperate, you can drop $1000 on this one.

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