Here are all the new skins in Overwatch Year of the Rooster

See how the game's heroes dress to celebrate the Chinese New Year.


Blizzard's Year of the Roster seasonal event for Overwatch went live earlier today. As is tradition with seasonal-themed, all characters can be decked out in new duds. We've captured footage of each new outfit, which you can peruse in the video below.

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    January 24, 2017 2:30 PM

    David Craddock posted a new article, Here are all the new skins in Overwatch Year of the Rooster

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      January 24, 2017 3:11 PM


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      January 24, 2017 3:17 PM


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      January 24, 2017 3:42 PM

      got bastion's in my free box. woo

    • reply
      January 24, 2017 3:43 PM

      It's like WoW tier armor all over again. I should bet money that Mercy will be getting WoW priest tier 5 down the road.

    • reply
      January 24, 2017 4:21 PM

      hmmm, do I want these enough to go play some Overwatch. I'd like the Mei and Dva, but having to get them in random draw boxes is no fun.

    • reply
      January 24, 2017 5:21 PM

      Got the Mercy skin with my free crate.

    • reply
      January 24, 2017 6:40 PM

      Thanks for these! I don't play the game but Blizzard always tends to do top notch skins.

    • reply
      January 25, 2017 12:44 AM

      Got Mercy (fantastic), Mei in white (should have been released last September!), Mercy highlight (awesome), D.Va (mech doesn't look as good in-game... possibly because the CTF maps are so dark?), Mei victory pose, Mei emote.

      Want: Tracer highlight, Mei in red, Winston, Reinhardt, Zenyatta, Roadhog skins, Roadhog highlight.

      • reply
        January 25, 2017 1:10 AM

        The new Mercy skin is so good it might get some people off of her Halloween skin

    • reply
      January 25, 2017 2:02 AM

      I want mercy and zenyatta. Why does zen always have awesome skins for every event.

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