Square Enix reveals Opening Ceremonies for Final Fantasy 30th anniversary

Events will kick off in Tokyo, but no word on what will make its way to the United States yet.


The Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary news is finally starting to leak out, with Square Enix revealing opening ceremonies coming in Tokyo sometime next month.

The news came on the official website (via Attack of the Fanboy), revealing that the first event will be held at the Toha Cinema in Roppongi Hills with many special guests expected to be in attendance. The details are a bit vague, but the phrasing of "Opening Ceremony" lends itslef to the thought that more events will be planned, probably beyond Tokyo and Japan. However, what those events might be are anyone's guess.

While the original game came out in 1987, Final Fantasy VII is also celbrating its 20th anniversary. Square could also tie the two events together and give us more information on the Final Fantasy VII remake. An FF7 board game is due out in April as well.

Final Fantasy XV was just released and has gotten good reviews, building momentum for any anniversary news next year

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