No, The Final Fantasy VII Remake Won't Be Released Episodically

Remember when Square Enix made the announcement that any Final Fantasy VII media related to the remake would be "episodic" and the internet went crazy? Not me. It didn't make sense then, and it doesn't make sense now. According to an interview with producer Yoshinori Kitase out of the latest Game Informer, it shouldn't, since the games won't be episodic at all. The Final Fantasy VII Remake project will actually be comprised of multiple full-sized games. Talk about some great news for Final Fantasy fans.

According to Kitase, "It will essentially be a full scale game for each part of the multipart series. In XIII, each installment told the story from a different angle. It was kind of like approaching an unknown territory in a sense."

"Whereas with Final Fantasy VII Remake, we already have a preexisting story, so it wouldn't really make sense if that isn't encompassed in a multipart series... So if we're just looking at each of these parts, one part should be on par with the scale of one Final Fantasy XIII game."

It's all refreshing to hear that such a massive undertaking is being worked on for a game that's near and dear to so many hearts, but I'm ready to get my hands on some actual gameplay. It's been far too long, and it's time to see how things have evolved. Given that the Game Informer article has mentioned that the game is being altered with some modernization and whatnot, I'm interested in seeing what's going to be improved or updated to get the game in line with the times.

There's no release date just yet, but seeing how long it took to hear about Final Fantasy XV launching September 30, that could be months away.

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