Titanfall 2 Free Multiplayer Weekend Starts Today

Definitely a game worth checking out.


If you've been curious about Titanfall 2, but haven't pulled the trigger and bought it yet, the free multiplayer trial this weekend is for you. Electronic Arts is allowing PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC players unlimited access to Titanfall 2's multiplayer experience for the entire weekend, including the material added in the Angel City's Most Wanted update.

For Xbox One and PlayStation 4 owners, you'll have to download a special client from the Xbox Store and PlayStation Network Store respectively. For PC players, you'll have to download Origin and get the client to play Titanfall 2's free multiplayer weekend through that service.

Titanfall 2 released to critical acclaim (we gave it a 7/10), but unfortunately, it hasn't been selling as well as EA and Respawn had hoped for. Luckily, instead of abandoning it as a commercial failure, they're offering programs like this free weekend, as well as discounts on the full game to help boost long-term sales.

The Titanfall 2 Multiplayer Free Weekend starts today and ends on December 4.

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