Ghostbusters developer files for bankruptcy after game is released

Fireforge Gameshas been liquidating assets to satisfy $12 million in debt.


Ghostbusters the video game came out alongside Ghostbusters the movie on July 12, to less than lackluster reviews. Three days later, developer Fireforge Games filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

According to court documents (via Kotaku) , the company owes more than $12 million to various sources and has been liquidating assets to try to pay it off. Chinese company Tencent has a 37% stake in the company, and had worked with Fireforge on the development of a MOBA codenamed Atlus. Hardware maker Razer worked with them on a separate MOBA codenamed Zeus. Both have since stopped production.

In addition to owing Tencent more than $11 million, Fireforge was enmeshed in a suit with Razer CEO Min-Liang Tan over the timing and priority of development of Zeus vs. Atlas. Also in litigation is a claim that Fireforge owed failed developer 38 Studios $3.7 million for licensing social media platform Helios, but then backing out and instead hiring ex-38 Studios employees to create their own product.

Fireforge was founded in 2011.

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