Dark Souls 3 Walkthrough, Collectibles, and Unique Items

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From Software has made themselves known for tough and challenging games filled with unique items, gear, and weapons. Dark Souls 3 is no different, and From Software isn’t looking to disappoint with the massive amount of content available to players right from the start. In order to help you out we’ve compiled a complete walkthrough of some of the game’s toughest and most challenging areas, as well as laid out guides for boss fights, how to find unique items, and more.

Dark Souls 3 Quick Tips

  • Increase your Estus Flask use by alloting your Estus Flasks in a way that helps your class. By speaking with the blacksmith in Firelink Shrine you can easily allot how many Estus Flasks are used for both the normal, healing flask, as well as how many are used for the new Ashen Estus Flask, which restores Focus Points (FP).
  • Invest Souls into the Skill Points that matter most for your class. If you plan on using heavy melee styled weapons invest in stats like Vigor, Vitality, Strength, and Dexterity to make sure you are able to easily equip and carry any melee weapons you come across. If your class is built around casting spells and miracles you will want to invest points into Attunement, Intelligence, and your Faith attribute.
  • Don't go over 70% Equip Load. This can easily be checked in your Inventory. Going above 70% Equip Load will slow your character's movements and rolls down, causing you to be a much easier target for enemy attacks to hit.
  • Roll. Roll. Roll. Roling is your best friend in Dark Souls 3, and you're going to want to do a lot of it. Shields are great additions to your arsenal, but in the end, rolling away from an attack will cost less Stamina than blocking it with a shield does. Rolling is also one of the quickest ways to move your character around without draining your Stamina too quickly.
  • Return to Firelink Shrine regularly as new NPCs will appear in the Shrine as you progress through the game's story and areas. We highly suggest checking back after each and every boss fight, as moving through too many boss fights before checking for new NPCs at the Shrine can lead to you missing several optional quest oppurtunities.

Dark Souls 3 Full Game Walkthrough

Cemetery of Ash

  • Make your way through the starter area and grab all the items before taking on Ludex Gundyr and opening the way to the Firelink Shrine.

Firelink Shrine

  • Learn where to find all the hidden items and NPCs in Firelink Shrine.

Dark Souls 3 Guides

The 10 Things Every Dark Souls 3 Beginner Should Know

  • 10 essential tips and tricks to help you stay alive as you take on some of the biggest and baddest enemies the Dark Souls universe has ever seen.

Boss Fight Guide

  • Learn how to take down all nineteen of the bosses featured in Dark Souls 3.

Character Creation

  • Find out more about the Classes, Burial Gifts, and options available to players in the Character Creation Tool.

How to Play Co-Op in Dark Souls 3

  • Summon other players to your world to help you fight your enemies.

All Dark Souls 3 Endings

  • Learn every way you can save Lothric from the coming darkness.

How to Join the Warrior of Sunlight Covenant

  • Take your first step to become a Sun Bro.

How to Get the Armor of the Sun and more from The Crow's Nest in Dark Souls 3

  • Learn every tradeable item and the gift you receive for leaving it behind.

How to Respec Your Character

  • Learn how to reallocate your attribute points to help you get the perfect build.

All Estus Shard Locations

  • Coming soon…

Where to Find all the Undead Bone Shards

  • Locate every Undead Bone Shard in Dark Souls 3 to help increase your Estus Flask effectiveness.

All Umbral Ashes Locations

  • Find and turn in all 8 sets of Umbral Ashes to unlock the Shrine Handmaiden's full shop.

NPC Information

  • Coming soon...

In Depth Tips and Tricks for Dark Souls 3

Which Covenant Should I Join?

  • Coming soon…

Unique Item Locations in Dark Souls 3


  • Make your enemies bleed with this early game weapon.

Astora Straight Sword

  • Grab this early-game weapon to decimate all those who stand in your way.

Irithyll Straight Sword

  • Coming soon…

Grass Crest Shield

  • Coming soon…

Covetous Silver Serpent Ring

  • Coming soon…

Symbol of Avarice

  • Coming soon…

Chloranthy Ring

  • Coming soon…

This guide is a work in progress and will continue to be updated as we find new items, information, and tips to share with you. Check back often for new details and descriptions.

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