Dark Souls 3: Firelink Shrine, Fire Keeper Soul

Now that you’ve made it through the starting area, it’s time to get a nice view of your new home. It’s not much but it will get the job done, and will become one of your most visited areas throughout your adventure. This guide will showcase everything about Firelink Shrine, including any hidden items or areas.

Firelink Shrine

Upon entering you’ll want to head down the stairs to the right and meet up with Hawkwood the Deserter, another undead knight who has given up to his own despair. Chat with him a bit to grab the Collapse Emote, and then forget about him as he’s pretty much a useless NPC.

In the center of the area is an unlit Bonfire, which requires the Coiled Sword that you grabbed from Ludex Gundyr’s corpse. You can ignore it for now, as you’ll want to get to know the other NPCs in the area. Next to the Bonfire is the Fire Keeper, a maiden who you’ll want to visit often to spend your hard-earned Souls on leveling. There isn’t a wrong way to level, but we’d suggest building up your stats to fit an overall build, which thankfully you can find plenty of information about online.

Upon finishing up your talk with the Fire Keeper you’ll learn that the Lords of Cinder have left their thrones, and must be defeated and returned to their rightful places. Though it seems not all the thrones are empty this time around. Head up to the occupied throne to meet Ludleth of Courland. He’s pretty useless for the moment, however, his true purpose will become clear pretty soon.

Underneath the main entrance of the shrine you’ll find a long corridor with a large burly man at the end. Halfway down the corridor is a Handmaid, who will act as one of your primary merchants as you journey throughout Lothric, taking on the Lords of Cinder and their minions. We suggest going ahead and picking up a Torch from the Handmaid, but don’t buy anything else right now. Continue down the hallway to meet Andre the Blacksmith. This will be your go to place for weapon infusions and upgrades, as well as where you’ll use your Estus Shards to reinforce your Estus Flask, which will allow you to use it more times.

As a side note: go ahead and “manage” your Estus Flask and put them all into the normal flash if you don’t plan on using any Focus Points or magic. Chatting with Andre and listening to him will net you the Hurrar Emote.

The rest of Firelink Shrine is fairly empty at the moment, however it can be filled with other NPCs that you’ll meet along your journey. Once you’ve bought your Torch, and chatted with all the available NPCs, go ahead and plant the Coiled Sword into the unlit Bonfire at the foot of the thrones. This will light the Bonfire and allow you to transfer to the next area, the High Wall of Lothric, where you will continue your journey.

The Exterior of Firelink Shrine

Of course, the insides aren’t the only thing to explore in Firelink Shrine. If you head up the stairs to the left when facing the main entrance you will find an alternate exit that leads to a large open area. To the left is a path up to the Bell Tower, which requires the Tower Key to unlock. This key can be acquired from the Handmaid for 20,000 Souls, and should be one of your first investments if you want to maximize your Estus Flask uses.

Until you get that key, the exploration of Firelink Shrines exterior is fairly limited, however, you can still grab a Soul of a Deserted Corpse by looking to the left of the gate. Now head down the path away from the Bell Tower. This will lead you to a line of coffins. Hop over them and drop to the path below to find a corpse holding a Homeward Bone. You’ll also see another path which leads back to the main entrance to Firelink Shrine.

There is a corpse to the right over the entrance, which when looted will net you an Ember. There is also another corpse to the left of this one, which can be grabbed by dropping down to another path, which is guarded by a Bone Hound. Take out the Bone Hound and loot the corpse by the wall to grab another Ember.

If you head down the left most path behind Firelink Shrine you can double back to where you dropped down before, and take on two Hollow that wait up a set of stairs close to a split tree. Take out the Hollows and then loot the corpse hanging in the tree to grab the East-West Shield.

Further up the left of the path is an almost named figure. This is the enemy you’ll need to take down if you want to grab the Uchigatana, which is a katana-styled weapon with low durability and a bleeding status effect. It can be very useful in tight quarters, and is pretty strong for an early game weapon, but the fight to earn it will be painful if you’re just starting out. Take the ragged figure out to acquire the Master’s Attire, Master’s Gloves, and the Uchigatana.

The gate behind him is locked tightly for now, so until you get the Tower Key, there isn’t much else you can do in this area right now. Head back to the lit Bonfire and transfer over to the High Wall of Lothric to continue your fight.

Firelink Shrine Bell Tower

Once you have the 20,000 Souls needed, and have purchased the Tower Key, it’s time to grab the last bit of hidden stuff in Firelink Shrine. Exit the shrine via the alternate exit up the left set of stairs when facing the main entrance, and then head up the left path to the Bell Tower. Unlock the gate using the key and climb up the rounding stairway. This will lead you to the top of the tower, which features a narrow walkway to get across to the shrine’s rooftop.

Ignore the rooftop below your walkway, and continue all the way across to find an elevator which will take you to the tippy top of the shrine. Once you arrive at the top of the shrine head outside to find the remains of an old Fire Keeper. Loot the remains to grab the Fire Keeper Soul. This is an incredibly important and useful item. Just tuck that away in your inventory and forget about it until later.

Head back down the elevator and then look down and locate the nearby bit with two coffins arranged fairly high up. It’s a steep drop into the pit, so be careful as you jump your way to the highest outjutting coffin. It might take a few tries, so just be careful to pick up any lost souls after returning from the dead.

Once you’ve safely landed on the coffin without the corpse, go ahead and loot the corpse carefully to obtain the Fire Keeper Set, which is comprised of the Fire Keeper Robe, Fire Kepper Gloves, and Fire Keeper Shirt. Heal up and then hop down to the bottom to find a few more corpses dumped in the area. Look among them to find an Estus Ring. It may look bad, like you’re trapped here, but don’t worry. A nearby door will open up which will lead back to the path where you could have grabbed the Uchigatana. If you haven’t fought him yet, heal up, because you’re about to face one of your first challenging enemies.

We’re not quite finished with the Bell Tower just yet. Return to the tower and make your way halfway across the walkway to a crumpled section, which will allow you to drop safely onto the shrine’s rooftop. You should also make sure to kick the nearby ladder down so that you always have a quicker and safer way to reach the rooftop.

You can also drop down behind the shrine to find a Crystal Lizard, which when killed will reward you with a Twinkling Titanite. These suckers are fast, though, so you’ll want to kill it before it can scurry away and vanish.

Once back on the roof you should notice a familiar looking nest directly in the center of the area. Approaching it will trigger some cryptic dialogue. This is where you can trade everyday items for certain special items, and is the only way to obtain some armor and weapons. If you some to space, you can leave a Firebomb or Homeward Bone to try out the trading.

Drop onto the lower roof of Firelink Shrine, just above the upper entrance that leads to the Bell Tower. You should spot a nearby corpse which holds two Homeward Bones. Grab them and continue around the rooftop to find a small entrance onto the rafters inside the shrine. Be careful as you move through this area. One wrong step could lead to your death. Move into the center of the rafters to find a dangling corpse which holds the most precious treasure this area has to offer, an Estus Shard. Grab it and then look around the area. Notice anything strange?

You should take note of the way the raftes all end on a narrow walkway, except for one. This rafter is special, but why? Move along it to the wall to reveal a secret area. Keep moving forward along the rafter until you reach the area behind the thrones of the Lords of Cinder, and then drop onto the balcony to find a chest containing the Covetous Silver Serpent Ring.

Continue to the High Wall of Lothric, or return to our complete Dark Souls 3 walkthrough for more collectibles, unique items, and tips.