Letter from the Editor: Welcome to the all-new Sharknews

You might notice some changes. Let's talk about them.


From Shacknews' humble beginnings as a Quake fan site to our CEO's unhealthy obsession with virtual reality, we've always made a point to find what motivates us and pursue it to its conclusion. While I've been pleased with our progress as a video game and technology site, I feel it's now time to pivot toward my true passion: the beautiful and deadly ocean terrors known collectively as sharks. 

Effective immediately, we will begin a long-term transition towards covering sharks and shark-related media, under the new banner of Sharknews. We want to become your one-stop resource for everything with even the thinnest relation to sharks--shark movies, shark attacks, productions of West Side Story, etc. When you think about graceful creatures with mouths full of razor blades, we want you to think of Sharknews.

To ease the transition, we'll still be covering video games and tech, as our emphasis grows toward focusing solely on the grizzly bears of the sea. Keep an eye out for new shark features, and the relaunch of the Chatty as a shark-focused social forum we call the Chompy.*

We're excited about this new direction, and we hope you are too. 

* Posts in the Chompy not related to sharks will be nuked and users will be banned. This will be strictly enforced.

From The Chatty