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DC Universe Online will get PS4/PC cross-play on January 25; coming this spring to Xbox One

DC Universe Online's 5th anniversary celebration promised some announcements, but they have turned out to be bigger than any fans of the game expected.


As mentioned earlier today, DC Universe Online is celebrating its 5th anniversary today. Daybreak Games had hinted at some announcements that would come on the Kinda Funny stream with Greg Miller and Colin Moriarty, but the magnitude of those announcements were far greater than any of the game's fans could have anticipated.

While DCUO has been a multiplatform effort for its five years, an update on January 25 will usher in cross-play for all players on PC and PlayStation 4. Those players will be able to join each other's sessions on those two platforms only. Apologies to anyone on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox One versions.

And if your reaction to that last line was, "Wait a minute, there isn't an Xbox One version of this game," then that brings up the next piece of news. DC Universe Online has also been announced for Xbox One and will receive an unspecified spring release date. No word on what this version of the game will include or how players will be able to access premium content released in the past five years, but more details are expected in the coming weeks.

Finally, there's the next episode of DCUO content on the way. A new eight-player Operation called "Prison Break" will debut in February, along with a two-player Operation called "The First Piece." The new content will be inspired by DC's Legends of Tomorrow television series, which will premiere this month on The CW later in January, and will bring The Atom to DC Universe Online for the first time. Players will also find some of the show's other cast members, including Hawkman, Hawkgirl, Captain Cold, and Heat Wave.

Full details on the upcoming slate for DC Universe Online, including a Water power set based on Aqualad and Mera and anniversary gifts, can be found on the DC Universe Online website.

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