Payday 2 'Crimefest' adds classic First World Bank; addresses microtransaction safes

On the sixth day of Crimefest, Overkill gave to Payday 2 players a new heist in the form of a revamped classic heist. Also, those microtransaction drills are now being thrown into the game as regular drops, in an effort to quell the ongoing outrage from the Payday 2 player base.


On the first day of Crimefest, Overkill Software launched customizable weapons that could be found via safe drops that could be opened with special drills. These special drills could be purchased through the Steam Marketplace and, hoo boy, was the Payday 2 fanbase not pleased with that.

Today marks the sixth day of Crimefest and in addition to today's regularly-scheduled feature, Overkill is attempting to make things right by adding drills as drops. Players can now earn these special drills by completing heists, in addition to purchasing them from Steam. While this clearly won't please all Payday 2 users, at least it's a start.

As for that regularly-scheduled content drop? It's the First World Bank heist, making its triumphant return from the original Payday: The Heist. This time around, players will have new options to conduct this daring robbery. There are new stealth options, randomized elements, inside employees willing to help out... or you could just go in guns blazing, just like last time.

For more on the return of the First World Bank heist, visit the Crimefest page. Payday 2's Crimefest will continue through October 24 and is still free to play until then.

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