Payday 2 Crimefest begins today; goes free-to-play for the next 10 days

The buildup is over for Payday 2 users. The 'Road' has been completed and Crimefest has arrived. That means ten full days of Payday 2 goodness, starting with today's Black Market Update.

The Black Market Update allows heisters to reap the rewards of Vlad's new Weapons Deal. This means players can now customize their weapons as they see fit, adding new skins, mods, and more. Safes from Washington state are being shipped to Washington D.C., but any players that can intercept these safes and crack them open will find a new skin drop, some with special mods and stat boosts, to boot. However, opening one of these safes will require a specilized drill, which can only be acquired through the Steam Marketplace.

On top of that, those that want to take part in the Crimefest festivities can do so right now, even if they don't own Payday 2. The game is free to play for the duration of the event, which will run for the next ten days. Those wishing to make Payday 2 a permanent staple of their Steam library can pick it up for 75 percent off during Crimefest.

To learn more about Crimefest, check out the official website and watch the trailer below. And don't miss the Shacknews interview from just a few days ago.

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