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Rock Band 4 will get its first support patch at the end of October

There are a few sour notes in Rock Band 4 at the moment, but Harmonix is ready to address those with a new patch set to hit in a couple of weeks.


Rock Band 4 started its encore performance last week, but there are still a couple of problems that players encountered while tuning up their band. To that end, Harmonix has now issued details on the game's first patch, which will be deployed at the end of this month.

Among the issues that are mentioned on the Harmonix blog post are calibration and animation issues. The patch will also throw in some additional quality-of-life features, like 5.1 crowd audio support, for a greater sense of immersion.

The full list of fixes, quoted verbatim from the Harmonix site, include:

  • Character Stand-ins: we fixed this issue; players who build custom band members can also have their band appear across all game modes (Shows, Quickplay, Career)
  • PS4 Streaming Audio Support: we are fixing the issue with song audio for live streaming on the PS4
  • 5.1 crowd audio support: we are making a change to add more ambience and crowd audio to the surround channels, similar to what we’ve done in previous versions of Rock Band
  • Fixed an issue where Beatles guitars would not auto-calibrate
  • Fixed an issue where character previews might pop-up in the overshell during gameplay
  • Fixed a font issue with certain symbols in lyrics
  • Fixed a lefty-flip cymbal issue with GH drums
  • Fixed an issue where playing some songs with intentional missing parts would result in a crash
  • Fixed an issue on PS4 where users with more than 2,000 Friends are unable to view in-game leaderboards

Harmonix notes that this is different from the big December update, which is set to add a slew of new features.

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