Gamescom 2015: Homefront: The Revolution Reignites American Spirit; Releases 2016

A first look at Homefront: The Revolution's gameplay was revealed today at Gamescom 2015.


After a long period of silence, new details about Homefront: The Revolution have surfaced at the Xbox Gamescom 2015 press event. The game puts players in the shoes of a revolutionary, set in an United States that has fallen under the occupation of a ruthless and technologically sophisticated North Korea. In addtion to a campaign gameplay showing, it is revealed that the Homefront multiplayer beta will begin this winter on Xbox One, and the game will release in 2016.

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      August 4, 2015 11:59 AM

      The concept of Homefront is still deeply offensive to me.

      The North Korean people don't deserve to be demonized in such a way as this series has portrayed them. The North Korean caricatures from the first game (yes, I know it was a different studio) were just awful. They were shown as inhuman monsters.

      The regime is most definitely a corrupt group of assholes, but the North Korean people are victims; we shouldn't be looking at them as some kind of threat. :(

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        August 4, 2015 12:08 PM

        It seems like a weird choice for an enemy. Sure the regime is evil; the country is so backwater that there is no way they could become a threat on par with Nazi Germany.

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          August 4, 2015 12:10 PM

          You guys are reading way to much into it, it's a game

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            August 4, 2015 12:13 PM

            Yeah I know. I personally wish it was some invented group or aliens. I'm not a big fan of slaughtering people just because of their nationality is the evil flavor of the month.

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              August 4, 2015 12:42 PM

              I haven't played Homefront. Are you actually slaughtering them or are they fighting back?

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            August 4, 2015 2:06 PM

            It's a game that demonizes a victimized people.

            Homefront is the ultimate expression of Yellow Peril.


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      August 4, 2015 12:07 PM

      I love the Red Dawn feel of these kind of games like Freedom Fighters. However Homefront was a steaming pile of dog shit, fuck this sequel so hard. I will only try this game when it becomes a bargain basement sale for $1.99.

      I don't give a shit that it's a different developer that fucking title will forever tainted.

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        August 4, 2015 12:40 PM

        Yeah I really like the trailer, the first E3 footage was awesome I am looking forward to it.

        I never played the first Homefront so the name means nothing to me, I hope this one will be good.

        The first E3 vid had a HL2 vibe to me which I really dug.

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