The Witcher 3 infinite money exploit discovered

An exploit for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt has been discovered that will give Geralt a ton of gold for very little effort.


The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt was released this week, and while its PC version has already been patched to improve its visuals, CD Projekt Red may need to do a bit more patching now that an infinite money exploit has been discovered.

YouTube user WhatsMyGame found an infinite money exploit in The Witcher 3 that involves killing some of the most innocent creates in the game: cows. When you kill a cow, you can harvest their hide for a cool 27 gold. After slaughtering such an innocent creature, Geralt will need to meditate for at least two hours for the cows to respawn, which you can then kill them over and over and over again.

There are a few drawbacks to this exploit, although they’re not really deal breakers in the grand scheme of things. First, the cow corpses don’t immediately vanish, which could very well make you look like a complete psychopath if anyone should catch you mid-slaughter. The other is the fact the shopkeepers will quickly run out of money if you continue to sell them hide, so be mindful of that so you aren’t stuck with a ton of hides in your inventory.

If you prefer to play the game in a more honest manner, but may need a little guidance, check out some of our guides that help you find all places of power or all White Orchard side quests. We also did a comparison of the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions of The Witcher 3, which you can check out here.

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