Ultra Street Fighter 4 version 1.05 addresses Omega Mode balance

Omega Mode characters in Ultra Street Fighter IV have come with their own balance issues and they will be addressed with tomorrow's version 1.05 patch.


Ultra Street Fighter IV released Omega Mode back in December, offering up the game's full roster with some notable twists. Of course, as is normal for something like this, these characters have had their share of balance issues. Capcom is now prepared to address many of them with a new patch, set to go out tomorrow.

Peter 'Combofiend' Rosas offered up an overview of the changes set to go out in tomorrow's 1.05 patch through Capcom-Unity. The Omega Mode changes include:

  • Ken - Super: Added Armor Break
  • Chun-Li - Target Combo 2: MP>MP (close range); Super: Added Armor Break
  • E. Honda - Super: Added Armor Break
  • Blanka - Super: Added Armor Break
  • Guile - Super: Added Armor Break
  • Dhalsim - Yoga Bringer: Added Armor to EX version also; Super: Added Armor Break
  • Balrog - Target Combo: MK>MK>HK (hold HK to charge)
  • Vega - Sky High Claw: Command Change to {Charge down, Up + P} (input P for follow up on all versions, except EX), added Armor Break to non EX versions also.
  • Sagat - Super: Added Armor Break
  • M. Bison -
  • Psycho Drain: (NEW) Half-circle back + P (close to opponent); Super: Added Armor Break
  • C. Viper - Super: Added Armor Break
  • El Fuerte - Super: Added Armor Break
  • Abel - Grappling: Quarter-circle forward + P (Changed EX version to "Sky High Tornedo"); Sky High Tornedo: Quarter-circle forward + PP (EX version of Grappling, consumes 2 EX stock)
  • Seth - Super: Added Armor Break
  • Cammy - Target Strike: Added EX version {Performed as Quarter-circle back + KK, after hitting any forward jump attack, except HK}
  • Fei-Long - Super: Added Armor Break
  • Sakura - Super: Added Armor Break
  • Rose - Soul Bubble (NEW): Back, Down, Back +P; Soul Bubble EX (NEW): Back, Down, Back + PP (consumes 2 EX stock); Super: Added Armor Break
  • Dan - Saikyo Ryu Hidden Tech: Funjinken (NEW): Towards, Down, Towards + P (Input {3+P} on the same frame); Super: Added Armor Break
  • Guy - Super: Added Armor Break
  • Dudley - Super: Added Armor Break
  • Deejay - Super: Added Armor Break
  • Adon - Super: Added Armor Break
  • Yun - Target Combo 5: Changed command to {LP > LK> MP}; Palm: Quarter-circle Back + P (Hold LP version to change effect)
  • Evil Ryu - Rasetsuko (NEW): Towards, Down, Towards + K
  • Oni - Target Combo 3 (NEW): 6+HP > HP; Gorai Hadoken: Half-circle Back + P; Gorai Hadoken EX: Half-circle Back + PP (Consumes 2 EX stock. Hold PP to change properties); Kyoseijin EX: Towards, Down, Towards + KK; Zanku Hadosho: Quarter-circle Back + P (in air)(Can perform EX version only during back jump)
  • Hugo - Super: Added Armor Break
  • Rolento - Patriot Fury (NEW): EX version of Patriot Circle {Quarter-circle Forward + PP}(Consumes 2 EX stock); Super: Added Armor Break
  • Elena - Super1: Added Armor Break; Super2: Added Armor Break
  • Poison - Super: Added Armor Break

The main game has received only a couple of changes, with only Decapre receiving a nerf (players must now charge downback to activate the anti-air version of her DCM move) and various infinites being removed from the game. The new patch is set to hit the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of the game tomorrow at 2AM PDT, while the PC version will get it at 8AM PDT.

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