Dark Souls DSFix taken down due to alleged copyright infringement

Modder Durante had a cruel surprise waiting for him from Dropbox: an allegation of copyright infringement from Bandai Namco over his DSFix creation.


Dark Souls users on PC have had their lives made infinitely better with modder Durante's DSFix, which serves to fix some of the game's rendering issues. Today, Durante received a rather unpleasant surprise when he was slapped with a copyright infringement notice, seemingly from Bandai Namco.

Durante contends on NeoGAF that none of his work specifically infringes on any copyrights, since it doesn't actually use any game code. Meanwhile, Bandai Namco appears to be taken aback by this, with community manager J. Kartje acknowledging on Twitter that he's actively looking into this situation.

Shacknews has reached out to both Bandai Namco and Durante for comment and will continue to monitor this situation closely. Credit to poster DeBurgo for the tip.

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