WildStar creative director outlines first 2015 update

Carbine Studios hopes 2015 will be a good one for WildStar and the studio is outlining some of the changes and additions set to come with the game's first update of the new year.


WildStar started off as a promising new entry to the MMORPG market, but a slew of problems (including layoffs) have slowed the game down significantly. But with WildStar now running solidly on Megaservers, Carbine would like to look ahead to a far more positive 2015 by outlining the new year's first update.

"Over the past few months we've received a lot of feedback about WildStar," Creative Director Chad Moore said on the WildStar website. "Much of it has focused on the fact that although many of our systems are unique, engaging and fun, many of them are inaccessible to certain groups of players. At Carbine, our philosophy has always been 'play the way you want to play,' and therefore we have been working very hard to make sure players can experience and enjoy WildStar's content - regardless of their level or playstyle preference."

With this in mind, certain level requirements are being relaxed. The Protogames Academy dungeon will offer low-level training for team mechanics to get people started. Meanwhile, a whole new level-six Shiphand Mission is being added called 'They Came From Fragment Zero!' which will add to the game's lore. There will also be new Veteran versions of all Shiphand Missions, to offer something up to high level players. Those high-level players still looking for more can take part in the Ultimate Protogames dungeon.

Other refinements include a new random queue bonus that will offer rewards and reduced queue times, an enhanced LFG tool, new customization options, refined quest flow, an improved Dungeon Medal system, and a new currency called Glory that will be awarded for completing dungeons and raids.

There's no date for the new update, but it is expected to be released in the first weeks of 2015.

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