Shacknews Chattycast 23: Home on the Pizza Ranch

In which the crew should not have recorded at lunch time.


This week, the Chattycast welcomes back video wunderkind Sam, pinch-hitting for Daniel who assures us he's sick and not just playing Dragon Age. Together the fearsome foursome discuss Thanksgiving leftover monstrosities, shared video game universes, early PlayStation memories, and the shameful secrets of games we've never played.

Thanks as always to those who provided our topic suggestions this week: Nerdsbeware, Jikim, ghost in my shell, and action wombmate. If you want see your name in lights, keep an eye on Chatty to suggest topics!

Games Discussed:
Segment 1: Half-Life 2, Portal, Assassin's Creed, Watch Dogs, Final Fantasy Series, Kingdom Hearts
Segment 2: Tomb Raider 2, Final Fantasy 7, Resident Evil, Kingdom Hearts
Segment 3: Metal Gear Solid Series, Half-Life, World of Warcraft, Half-Life 2: Episode 2

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