WildStar 'Sabotage' update explodes later this month

The next update for WildStar will focus more on PvP by adding a 15v15 battleground map called Daggerstone Pass, which is centered around ticking time bombs.


WildStar's last update focused on impacting Carbine Studios' vast galactic PvE world and adding some new story beats. But there's a new update getting ready to roll out and this will be geared more towards scratching a player's competitive itch. The upcoming 'Sabotage' update will toss in a new 15v15 battleground, set in a new arena called Daggerstone Pass.

The object of the Daggerstone Pass map is to capture and hold control points, damaging the opposing team's base in the process. There are also time bombs littered throughout the map and will begin counting down once picked up. Bombs can be used to take out enemy players or do further damage to the opposing base. The winning team is the one with the most points at the end of the round or the one that destroys the opposing team's enemy fusion core first.

More information about the 'Sabotage' update can be found below. The PvP update will be deployed later in July.

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