WildStar 'Strain' update gets down with the sickness this week

WildStar has been in player hands for about a month and fans have run through just about everything the MMORPG has to offer so far, from building incredible houses to raiding 40-person dungeons. But there's still plenty to do in Carbine's game and the studio is revealing what's next in their latest content update. Mainly, it's time to take on a dangerous new virus.

The Strain Ultra Drop update introduces a new threat to the world of Nexus. A biological entity known as The Strain is seeking to spread its virus across the cosmos and it's up to the heroes of Nexus to stop it. On top of being a dangerous menace on its own, The Strain has the power to infect and mutate other lifeforms, creating additional terrors to fight against.

In an effort to stop this virulent monstrosity, WildStar players will have the chance to explore new territory, with the Northern Wastes and Blighthaven among the areas to open up. These lands will contain new quests, dungeons, decoration items, and weapon/armor drops, many of which are infected (enhanced?) by the Strain virus.

The Strain update will arrive later this week. For more, check out the entry on the WildStar website. Also, watch the new DevSpeak video (and the not-so-new Strain trailer) below.