Chatty Twitch Highlights 24: WildStar, Goat Simulator, and more!

Continue our Independence Day celebration by watching some more Twitch highlights from our Chatty community! This week, we look at WildStar, MechWarrior Online, and Goat Simulator.


The celebration of America's independence continues with this week's Chatty Twitch Highlights, where we check out three videos filled with exploration and Shack comradery. This week, we look at pixelat3d running through the world of WildStar, squigiliwams taking on Shackers in MechWarrior Online, and Orange Pylon wreaks havoc in Goat Simulator.

Here's a compilation of some of the best Shacknews Twitch highlights for the week of July 5, 2014.

Warning: Some clips may contain NSFW language.


There's a good portion of our Shacknews community that remains engaged with WildStar and Carbine Studios has offered plenty to get engaged with. The game's latest update introduces some new wrinkles to the game's worlds and resident MMORPG enthusiast pixelat3d took some time to explore some of its new additions. WildStar isn't about to slow down anytime soon, so while you get a look at this clip, check out our recent interview with the game's executive producer.

Watch live video from Pixelat3d on TwitchTV

MechWarrior Online

Nothing says "America" like chaotic robot rumbles, blowing a whole lot of stuff up. MechWarrior Online has been doing so since September 17 (with beta participants doing so long before that) and it's time for a reminder of how engaging this game still is. So take a look at a Chatty multiplayer session, led by squigiliwams, and get a look at this free-to-play mechanical smash-up.

Watch live video from Squigiliwams on TwitchTV

Goat Simulator

What's more American than blowing up gas stations and knocking stuff over with an innocent-looking goat? Goat Simulator is one of this year's most underrated gems, introducing engaging parkour elements and general craziness that's hard to turn away from. So let's get a look at the game through the eyes of Orange Pylon.

Watch live video from OrangePylon on TwitchTV

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