Watch Dogs walkthrough guide: Act 3 - From Pawnee ctOS Control Center to By Any Means Necessary

Information is power. When you're moving through the city of Chicago and hacking into its systems, you need all you can get your hands on. Get the download with our Watch Dogs walkthrough guide and hack your way through these Act 2 missions: Pawnee ctOS Control Center, Hope is a Sad Thing, Let's Play Make a Deal, A Pit of Paranoia, Unstoppable Force, For the Portfolio, and By Any Means Necessary.


Information is power. When you're moving through the city of Chicago and hacking into its systems, you need all you can get your hands on. Get the download with our Watch Dogs walkthrough guide and hack your way through these Act 2 missions: Pawnee ctOS Control Center, Hope is a Sad Thing, Let's Play Make a Deal, A Pit of Paranoia, Unstoppable Force, For the Portfolio, and By Any Means Necessary.

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Mission: Pawnee ctOS Control Center

Objective: Locate a guard with the access code.

After you cruise to the east side of the control center, you’ll see a guard patrolling in northeast side of the building. Get out of the boat and take control of the hidden camera there.

Look around with the camera to find the guard with an access code. The correct guard is patrolling most of the building, so he may be difficult to find. Usually you need to find him on one side or the other, rather than the middle, and it may help to switch to the camera closer to the northeast side to find him. Once you have him in your sights, get the access code from him.

Objective: Hack the ctOS server.
Objective: Leave the area.

Now take the boat north again. Find an area near a large fallen tree, and park next to some of the rocks on the left. Head up to the cliff to find a fence, where a guard with a hidden camera will be patrolling. Make sure to wait for him to turn around before you head into the fenced-in area. Once you’re in, it’s time for another hacking mini-game.

First, turn the timed point twice. Then, rotate the toggle in the lower right corner to unlock it, and then turn it once. Turn the top-right point once, then the middle point once, and then turn the timed point three more times. That will finally give you access to the camera, so move it up and switch to the one in the middle of the room. That one will provide you with a clear shot at the hacking point, and once you’ve done that you can leave.

Mission: Hope is a Sad Thing

Objective: Hack the marina computer to find Kenney.
Objective: Use the profiler to find the reset code.

As soon as the mission starts, you’re sent to begin a hack. But it won’t work, so you need to use the Profiler to find a reset code. Look for a marina employee in the designated area to find the code.

Objective: Enter the new password in the marina computer
Objective: Infiltrate the ctOS tower.

The marina employee will usually be somewhere near the pier, but he may move to another location. Once you have the code, head back to the computer to hack it. You’ll be directed to another waypoint, where you’ll find a locked door and a camera. Use the camera to hack into the unlock point to enter the door.

Objective: Activate the station to access data

Go down the stairs and then hang a right to find a camera through a door. Access it, and then find the hacking point to unlock the door. Go back up and find an antenna on the northwest side.

Head up the stairs to get in a good vantage point to hack the antenna in the center. You can use that to move the walkway closer to you. Step on, the hack the antenna again to move to the other side. Once you’re cleared on the other side, move the walkway back again.

Take control of the camera to your right and then move it to jump to the camera to the right of your vantage point. From there you’ll be able to hack to unlock the gate, and then go down the stairs to cross through it.

Climb the ladder and then hack the antenna. Move it one more time, go up the stairs, and get onto the walkway where you can hack the antenna again. Once you’ve crossed the walkway, hack the antenna once more.

Below you, you’ll see a lift. You can raise it to board it, and then lower it down and god own the stairs and through the gate. Pick up the audiolog and to the right and some electronic parts next to the laptop. Then, hack the laptop.

Go back to the end of the hall and you’ll see an explosive panel through the gate. Set off the explosive, and then quickly run up the stairs to avoid the chain reaction that will hit the hallway.

The gate will then be open, so you can go right through and find the unlock point on the left. Go past this point and up the hill, and you’ll find yourself back at ground level. Go down the stairs in the middle again, and now the gate at the bottom of the stairs will be open. Hack the control point in the middle of the room.

Objective: Look for Ray Kenney at Jed’s bar

Go to Jed’s bar set as a waypoint. The entrance is on the southeast side, and once you enter you’ll trigger a cutscene. After that you’ll have to play a drinking mini-game, in which you move a circle across button icons and press the corresponding button at the right moment. But since you’re drinking, of course, the circle is a little wobbly.

You should be able to pass the first three phases without much problem, but the fourth swaps out the button icons for two question mark icons. You can see the icon when you hover over it, and then pressing the correct button makes a column of buttons appear. Hit the column of icons quickly, before moving to the second question mark. Once you successfully drink your opponent under the table, you’ll finish the mission.

Mission: Let's Play Make a Deal

Objective: Follow T-Bone.
Objective: Activate T-Bone’s trap.
Objective: Follow T-Bone again
Objective: Steal T-Bone’s truck.

After you follow T-bone straight into a trap, you’ll have to hack when prompted to activate his trap. Follow him again, and be sure to pick up the weapon when he stops. Grab the nearby motorbike and head to the next waypoint on the map.

On the east side of this building, you’ll find a ladder. Climb it, being mindful of the guard on the rooftop. Once he’s down, access the cameras and scout around to find all of the enemies.

You have a few approaches available for this part of the mission. You can wait until all of the guards are looking the other way, then drop down and get in the truck to steal it. You’ll probably be spotted, but you should still be able to get in and run over the guard as you make your escape. Alternatively, you can use the environmental hacks to take down the guards one-by-one, or just rely on pure firepower to cut a path through the guards.

Objective: Drop off the truck.
Objective: Kill all militia members or escape

Immediately drive straight, and then bear right. Once the objective changes, use your GPS to direct you to the next waypoint. Enemies will keep following you, but your hacking abilities should make short work of them by now. Otherwise, just let them follow you until you arrive at your destination.

When you reach the destination, get out of the truck and find another vehicle. Kill anyone who followed you or escape the area. This is easiest if you shook them on the way, but otherwise you’ll need to break out your weapons a bit. Once you’re clear the mission will end.

Mission: A Pit of Paranoia

Objective: Tail the helicopter.
Objective: Hack the chopper to find 2 security chiefs. Stay undetected.

Find a vehicle and then start the mission, so that you have a vehicle handy. You need to tail a helicopter until it reaches its destination at a compound. Don’t enter immediately. Instead, wait back until you can clearly see the chopper.

With the clear view, you can hack it to use the camera and locate two security chiefs: one on the left, and one in the back.

Objective: Take down both Blume security chiefs.

Now that they’re both identified, go to the northeast side of the compound and enter there. You should be able to easily take down one of the two targets from this position, and then hack his phone. It’s easiest to just leave the restricted area altogether and go to the northwest side to finish off the second target, but you could go straight through the compound if you’d like.

If you use the northwest route, use the fence as cover and then distract a guard with the pop machine. Neutralizing him will give you a clear path to hide behind the car, where you can wait for a heavy trooper to leave before heading towards the target. Alternatively, you could shoot your way through, but the presence of heavy armored guards and the chopper make this pretty dangerous.

Objective: Kill all militia members or escape

For the reason described above, it’s probably best to simply escape. If you want a challenge, or if you happened to take out most of the guards already on your way to the second security chief, then go ahead and attempt to kill them all. Once you’ve done on or the other, the mission will end.

Mission: Unstoppable Force

Objective: Take out the convoy before it reaches Blume.

Make sure you’re well-equipped with this mission, especially with explosives. Once you’ve started the mission, immediately go to the intersection along the convoy’s route before they reach it. Set up some explosives there, and get behind your vehicle for cover. Once the primary target reaches the explosive, detonate it. He’ll get out of the vehicle, so toss another explosive to finish him off. Then you’ll have to either beat the rest of the guards, or simply escape to finish the mission.

Mission: The Future is in Blume

Objective: Reach Blume.
Objective: Infiltrate Blume unseen.

The mission directs you toward Blume right away. Go to the main entrance and then bear right until you find a barred opening in the wall. That will let you access the camera mounted on the next building. Move the camera up to find the laptop camera in a security room, and then switch to it.

Now move this camera up and to the left, to access another camera in the corner. From here you can unlock two panels. One will be straight in front of your vantage point, and the other will be slightly obscured against the right wall. Unlock both panels to open the gate and the door into the security room.

Back in control as Aiden, go through the gate and take cover near the security room. Watch for the guard in the middle of the room, and once his back is turned go inside to take him down. You could alternatively distract the guard by hacking one of the objects in the room, to make the takedown easier.

Now you’ll need to clear out three guards near your target. They’re strategically placed: one patrols in a square, one stands close to the target, and one is keeping an eye on the outside.

Take the one furthest from the target before the others. It’s best to hack the panel near here, as it will open the gate for an escape route in case you need it. When the patrolling guard moves in to inspect the body you just downed, take him out too. With those two no longer a threat, the remaining guard is easy to sneak up on, and then you can access the target.

Objective: Profile the ctOS box.
Objective: Find and activate the ctOS boxes.

Now you need to profile another ctOS box nearby. You can leave the two guards near the solar panels alone, since they can’t see the entrance to the room with the ctOS box anyway.

Go inside the room and profile the ctOS box. Follow the white lines to lead to another two ctOS boxes. Go out and head northwest, being careful of nearby guards. If you haven’t yet, it’s helpful to access the camera and mark them. Take out the one closest to you first, and then use the Attract hack on the phone in his room. That will get the next guard’s attention, so you can take him down and hack the box.

On the opposite side of the compound, you’ll see more solar panels with two more guards. You can use the camera to make the solar panels turn, which provides cover from the guards. Use the camera above the room to get a clear view of the Attract hack. That will let you easily take down the patrolling guard. Alternately, if he’s facing you, turn the solar panel to get his attention and then take him down.

However you do it, the other guard will see the body and then you can take him out as well. Go into the room, pick up some spare electronic parts, and then activate the box.

Objective: Break into Blume’s network unseen.

Time for another hacking mini-game. On the upper left corner node, turn the point twice, then unlock the point underneath it and turn it once. Move back up to the previous point and turn it one more time.

Turn the point on the far right and turn it three times, then unlock the point below it. Back to the upper left point, turn it once, and then unlock the point in the middle. Highlight the point to the right and turn it twice, and then go to the far left and turn it twice more. Then go up one point and turn it three times, which will unlock the bottom point.

On the second hotspot, turn the point on the far left three times. Then move to the bottom left corner, unlock it, turn it once, and go back to the first point and turn it three times. Move right one point, unlock it, then turn it three times. Go to the timed spot in the middle and turn it once, then down one spot to unlock it, then turn it three more times. Go back to the timed point for another turn, and then move up one point, unlock it, and then turn it three times. Finally, move left one point and turn it twice to unlock the final point, located on the far right.

Objective: Install T-Bone’s spyware.
Objective: Locate Damien’s meeting.
Objective: Exit Blume.

Look up and use the hacking point to install the spyware. A patrolling guard will round the corner, so use his camera to carry your vantage point into the next room. Then, you can hop from his camera up to another camera in this room. Eavesdrop on the conversation, and then get out of there. More guards will be patrolling, so take cover at first. Once they go back to their positions, you should have a straight shot at the main gate, and out towards the waypoint where you’ll finish the mission.

Mission: For the Portfolio

Objective: Hurry to T-Bone’s junkyard.
Objective: Eliminate the militia.
Objective: Regroup with T-Bone.

Grab the motorbike at the mission start point, and then use it to race to T-Bone’s junkyard. You can take out most of the militia with environmental traps by using cameras, then move in yourself to mop up any stragglers.

Objective: Follow and defend T-Bone.
Objective: Defend T-Bone.
Objective: Eliminate the militia to help T-Bone escape.
Objective: Follow T-Bone to the boat.
Objective: Escape Pawnee with T-Bone.

The militia will show up quickly, so take cover and take them down quickly. If you don’t, T-Bone will get reckless and put himself in danger. Then follow him to the junkyard, and get a bunch of explosives ready. Raise the protectors around the area, and use a combination of traps ane xplosives to take them down.

Mission: By Any Means Necessary

Objective: Enter Rossi-Fremont

Enter a restricted area from the southeast side. Stick close to the east building and you’ll be able to avoid almost all of the guards. When you reach the waypoint, you’ll call T-Bone and the door will open, letting you inside.

Objective: Reach Iraq’s server room.

You could run to the elevator here, but several more guards would come out of it. In this case, being stealthy is actually worse, so instead use your weapons to take down the two guards and then take cover while you wait for the others to arrive. Take the elevator upstairs, then gun down those guards as well. Unlock the panel, and go up to the floor above you. Take cover again to neutralize two more guards.

Head to the waypoint and access the unlock panel. Head through this door and take out several more guards, including a heavy armored guard. Then head up a series of ladders, dealing with enemy engagements as you do. When you reach the next unlock panel, be sure to stop by through the door to find some money and crafting materials. Then move along the waypoints, dealing with guards until you reach a third unlock panel.

Objective: Download all server data.
Objective: Leave the Rossi-Fremont.
Objective: Follow Iraq.
Objective: Take down Iraq.
Objective: Eliminate Iraq’s personal guards.
Objective: Leave Rossi-Fremont.

In this final room, continue through the next door and start he hack. Then go towards the waypoint for a cutscene, after which you have to follow Iraq. After Iraq talks for a little while, more enemies attack, so use his monologuing time to grab ammo and crafting supplies. Take cover and watch for the enemies (the minimap helps determine where they’re coming from). Take them down, and after that first wave he’ll talk some more.

Use some explosives to deal with the heavily armored guard that appears, but make sure you do it quickly because Iraq will join in the attack too. Once you’ve beaten both the armored guard and Iraq, you’ve completed the mission.

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