Armored Warfare gameplay trailer explores new environments

Obsidian Entertainment has released a new gameplay trailer for Armored Warfare, showing some of the game's environments and the way they crumble ever-so-quickly from a blast of a big honkin' tank.


Obsidian Entertainment is preparing to roll out its free-to-play multiplayer tank combat game, Armored Warfare, later this year. As the studio continues to take sign-ups for the game's beta, they've released a new gameplay trailer showing some of the metallic monstrosities in action.

In addition to the destructive power of the game's tanks, the trailer also shows off some of the different environments that will be available over the course of the game. This includes deserts, snowy fields, and abandoned cities. And of course, it wouldn't be a tank game if you couldn't destroy a large chunk of those environments and bring them crumbling down with a large shell.

Armored Warfare's beta is set to begin later in 2014. Sign-ups are available now.

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