Obsidian Entertainment's Armored Warfare is a free-to-play multiplayer tank game

Obsidian Entertainment is best known as an RPG developer, with South Park: The Stick of Truth their most recent game. The developer has another project in the works for publisher My.com, and it's quite a departure from their wheelhouse. Obsidian has announced Armored Warfare, a free-to-play team-based multiplayer tank combat game for PC.

Armored Warfare will give players control of giant tanks, but shifts the scene to a more modern era. All of the game's tanks will come from 1950 to the modern day and even toss in some metal monstrosities that are being designed for the near-future. The game will feature modern-day settings and fully destructible environments for both PvE and PvP play. It'll also include a number of customization options that can be upgraded through a player's career.

"Armored Warfare gives players two deep levels of upgrading and progression through a huge array of both military vehicles and their own personal military base, each giving players a diverse and wide-ranging path of strategies,” said project director Richard Taylor.

Armored Warfare is aiming to go into closed beta later in 2014. Sign-ups are available now on the game's website.