Guild Wars 2's 'Battle for Lion's Arch' update goes to war on March 4

Lion's Arch is in ashes after the events of the last Guild Wars 2 update. On March 4, Tyria's races unite to take it back!


Lion's Arch is in ashes after the events of Guild Wars 2's last update, but the center of trade in Tyria still represents the heart of the continent. And that's why races will unite in an effort to reclaim it in the upcoming 'Battle for Lion's Arch' update, which will end the 'Living World' story arc on March 4.

The new update will see players venture back into Lion's Arch for one final clash with villainess Scarlet Briar, who will finally reveal the endgame of her sinister machinations. Players will be able to catch up with the 'Living World' storyline to this point through a new Living World Atlas storyline, which recaps the story and also offers hidden secrets, hints, videos, and artwork from across the land of Tyria.

Prepare for the final battle with the trailer below.

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