Guild Wars 2's 'Escape from Lion's Arch' update out today

Guild Wars 2 is rapidly reaching its chilling conclusion with today's new update, Escape from Lion's Arch. Billed as the penultimate chapter in the 'Living World' arc, this latest chapter sees sylvari uber-vllainess Scarlet Briar lay siege to Lion's Arch, the longtime cultural center of Tyria.

Players will be tasked with evacuating Lion's Arch and getting refugees to safety, while fighting alongside the Lionguard. Many of Scarlet's most formidable allies, like the charr of the Flame Legion and the Aetherblade sky pirates, will wreak havoc across Lion's Arch, while much of the city will be rendered uninhabitable by deadly miasma poison.

The update will also come with some new features, like the Captain's Airship pass that lets players access the airship and all of its shops and facilities from any PvE map, the new Zodiac armors, and the Ascalonian-Leader finisher that summons Ascalonian spirits to overwhelm enemies.

Escape from Lion's Arch is set to go live later today, with the full update notes available here. Check out the trailer below to learn more.